File Sharing DAPP Lucky Draw For A 30,000NLK Pool

Rules for Joining File Sharing DAPP Lucky Draw For A 30,000NLK Pool

File Sharing DAPP Lucky Draw For A 30,000NLK Pool

Time Frame:

01 Dec 2022 - 31 Dec 2022



  1. Upload 10 files and makes 50 approved requests in Horus File Sharing Dapp 
  2. Join NuLink Discord and post "register" message in the #horus-lucky-draw channel 
  3. Join NuLink Telegram Group
  4. Follow the official NuLink twitter.
  5. Like, quote retweet this event's official twitter post.  (Post link)


Apply for this event use this link to fill your Agent address, ETH airdrop address, the link to your registration message in Discord, quoted retweet link, and the link to your  DAPP personal home page. Each account can only apply once, so please make sure you fill everything correctly before submitting it. If you have any questions regarding the application process please feel free to ask in our discord channel.

Application Link: Click here


The lucky draw will be rolled out at the end of the period which is on 31 Dec 2022. Each person can only create one account to participate in this promotion. If we find that a person has multiple accounts, they will be excluded from the lucky draw activity.


Totally 120 Winners with 250NLK for each(Totally 30000NLK)!

David Jiao

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