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NuLink Grant Program

Welcome to the NuLink Grants Program, where innovation meets opportunity. This program invites cryptography enthusiasts, data privacy encryption track developers, and all Web3 developers to explore the power of NuLink's solution and user-friendly NuLink Agent API/SDK interface.

By showcasing cutting-edge technology, the grants program aims to foster collaboration, bring experts together, and contribute to the vibrant NuLink ecosystem. Join us in shaping the future of privacy-preserving decentralized applications (DApps).

What Do We Support?

Each category we support presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the NuLink ecosystem, and we look forward to innovative submissions in these areas. Good luck!

DApp Integration with
NuLink Agent SDK

Develop DApps that seamlessly integrate with the NuLink Agent SDK. Showcase innovative use cases and functionalities that leverage the capabilities of the NuLink Agent for enhanced privacy and security.

DApp Integration with
NuLink SDK

Create DApps that utilize the NuLink SDK for fundamental operations, keeping all functions within the DApp. Demonstrate how developers can harness NuLink's technology to build data privacy-preserving applications with advanced cryptographic techniques.

DApp Integration
with NuLink Snaps

Develop DApps that integrate with NuLink Snaps. Showcase the integration of NuLink Snaps with existing applications for improved privacy and data security.

Improvement of
NuLink System

Propose enhancements and optimizations to the NuLink system. This category focuses on improvements at the system level, including but not limited to security enhancements, performance optimizations, and overall system robustness. Your contributions should elevate the NuLink network's capabilities and user experience.

Why Apply for a Grant?

Evaluation Criteria


Assessing the project's demonstration of inventive applications and novel use cases leveraging the NuLink technology.


Evaluating the project's performance to ensure it functions as intended, providing valuable and practical features.


Considering the alignment of the project with the objectives of data privacy and encryption protection.

Technical Difficulty

Evaluating the level of complexity and challenges involved in successfully implementing the project.

User Experience

Analyzing the project's user-friendliness and intuitiveness in navigation and interaction.