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Inspiration and use case

Protect electronic health records

The number of data breaches in healthcare has been increasing year after year, affecting millions of people including children.These data breaches can have devastating consequences. One of the worst breaches took place at a Finnish mental health startup in 2020, leading to 25,000 vulnerable people receiving a ransom demand. The message from the hackers was: ‘Pay up or we will reveal your mental health issues to the world.’But what if we could store sensitive data like health records more securely, making them less vulnerable to data breaches but also enabling patients to easily share their confidential medical data with their doctors?

Electronic health records storage and sharing

Today, one of the big issues with most storage solutions for health records is that all data is kept in a single location. Once hackers find their way in, they can access the records of millions of people in one go. NuLink believes that decentralized storage of health records and smarter access control is the best way forward, and provides such a solution.

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