NuLink Agent

NuLink Agent acts as an intermediary that facilitates seamless communication and interaction between the underlying layers of the NuLink network and applications.


Why do you need NuLink Agent?


Seamless Web-Based Access

The NuLink Agent provides a hassle-free web-based digital wallet experience, eliminating the need for browser plugins.

Sound Security and Privacy

With NuLink Agent, users can enjoy advanced security measures, including encryption and decentralized storage of account data

Transparency and Immutability

Every transaction and operation performed through NuLink Agent is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and immutability.

Multi-Chain Support

NuLink Agent supports multiple tokens, providing users with the flexibility to manage various digital assets within a single wallet interface.

What you can do with NuLink Agent...

Manage Your Assets and Data

Easily manage your digital assets and private account data through NuLink Agent.

Encrypt and Store Your Data

Securely encrypt and store your data, ensuring privacy and security.

Securely Share Your Data

Share your encrypted data with others while maintaining security and privacy.

Seamless Interaction with Other DApps

Easily interact with other DApps, expanding the capabilities of NuLink Agent.