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Inspiration and use case

Encrypted NFTs trading market

In the first half of 2021, NFTs saw $2.5 billion in sales. The NFT market is clearly booming, which means there is a great opportunity for new solutions that take NFTs to the next level. For instance, what if we could encrypt the information in an NFT and grant access to only selected people? Could we build similar interesting concepts and features?

See how it works

Co-Founder Daniel Nilsson explains how NuLink technology can be used to encrypt NFTs and provide new smarter services and features for NFT trading markets

NFT private auctions

Just as in the real world, it would be possible to set up private auctions where only a select few people can view the art pieces for sale. The artist could create special events for their most dedicated fans or special collectors.

NFT private collections

Enable NFT art collectors to encrypt and secure their NFTs. Once the collector secures their art, they can subsequently share access with whomever they desire.

Encrypted NFT

Enable NFT owners to encrypt one or several metadata containers for a specific NFT and then grant access. This type of technology and implementation will make it possible for alternative NFT collections containing sensitive data.

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