Horus Faucet Update Announcement

We have updated the Horus faucet.

Due to the underestimation of the enthusiasm of the community members, the Horus faucet pool is almost dry. We will take the following measures to ensure the proper functioning of the test network running:

1. We will shut down the phase 1 faucet. And you can still run the node until Dec 31 if you have already run. But the official faucet for phase 1 is closed.

2. We will update the phase 2 faucet to limit 100 tNLKs per address. Meanwhile we will reduce the service fee paying for approving the request to 1/100,  in order to compromise the effect of the reduction of the faucet.  

Thank you for your support of the NuLink-Horus test network.

Team NuLink
Testnet Launch

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