NuLink and S.A.O Network Partner to Enhance Data Privacy and Storage Options

NuLink and S.A.O Network Partner to Enhance Data Privacy and Storage Options

NuLink, a leading privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications, has announced its integration plan with the S.A.O Network. By leveraging the storage services offered by the S.A.O Network, NuLink aims to provide customers with more storage options while reinforcing its commitment to data privacy and encryption.

While NuLink has already successfully integrated with IPFS web3storage and BNB Greenfield, the collaboration with the S.A.O Network will further enhance NuLink's data encryption storage services, offering users a wider range of choices. As a next-generation privacy-preserving infrastructure, NuLink combines industry best practices with top-tier security solutions, ensuring enterprise-level security for its customers.

The S.A.O Network is a decentralized storage network that prioritizes data sovereignty, privacy, liquidity, and tokenization. Its mission is to revolutionize Web3 data storage and promote Web3 interoperability. Through this partnership, NuLink plans to share its PRE, ZKP, FHE, and other cryptographic encryption solutions with the S.A.O Network ecosystem, enhancing the security and efficiency of the network.

In summary, the collaboration between NuLink and S.A.O Network will provide customers with more options for secure and private data storage. This partnership underscores the significance of privacy and encryption in the realm of decentralized applications and Web3 technology.

About Nulink

NuLink is a privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications that combines best practices with best-of-breed security solutions to provide enterprise-level security.

About SAO Network

S.A.O. (Storage Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized data infrastructure for Web3. It’s based on SAO Network, a decentralized storage network with privacy-preserving computation to ensure user’s data sovereignty and facilitate Web3 mass adoption.


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