Nulink announce strategic long term partnership with Filswan

Nulink has partnered with Filswan!

Nulink has partnered with Filswan, a growing web3 startup which provides storage & computing service to decentralized applications. FilSwan offers a complete solution that enables web3 developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment across multiple chains with ease.

As part of this comprehensive partnership, Nulink will provide encryption & privacy services for file storage on Filswan. This will enable Filswan users to share files securely through encryption. We will also be working together to build a storage provider for decentralized applications enabled with strong encryption & privacy protection.

The Nulink leadership team had several meetings with Filswan CEO Charles as both startups are currently going through Binance incubation program. We have agreed to build a long term partnership in technology and business. This partnership will enable the teams to build storage & computing services with strong encryption and privacy in order to target big institutional clients in the web3 space. 

Team Nulink

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