NuLink Grants Program

  1. Purpose of NuLink Grants Program

The NuLink Grants Program invites cryptography enthusiasts, data privacy encryption track developers, and all Web3 developers to participate. The program aims to showcase NuLink's endpoint encryption solution and user-friendly NuLink Agent API/SDK interface, encouraging contestants to leverage NuLink's technology in their projects. Through this program, we hope to attract more experts and enthusiasts in privacy encryption, fostering collaboration and progress in the field. The organizer will award $20,000 USD in grants to recognize outstanding developers and developer teams.

  1. Important Dates
  • Application deadline: November 1st, 2023
  • Application result publication date: December 1st, 2023
  • Product delivery deadline: February 1st, 2024
  • Demo workshop: March 1st, 2024

  1. Guidelines

NuLink warmly welcomes all developers and development teams to participate in the event. Projects are more likely to be accepted if they meet the following criteria:

- The project must be related to data privacy and encryption protection.

The project must utilize NuLink Agent API/SDK.

- Participants can apply with existing projects or develop new DApps using NuLink Agent's API/SDK for the competition.

- Projects related to data privacy and security, including NFT, Socialfi, and traditional internet fields, will be highly valued.

- If you encounter any specific issues during the development process, feel free to join our communities, and we will guide you to the right resources.

NuLink official channel: 



NuLink Grants program channel:

  1. Benefits of Participation

Participating in the NuLink Grants Program offers a multitude of valuable benefits and funding support for grant applicants:

- Mentorship and Guidance: Grant applicants may have the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in the privacy encryption and Web3 fields. This support can help applicants refine their projects and improve their technical skills.

- Networking Opportunities: Participation in the grants program allows applicants to connect with other developers, experts, and enthusiasts in the Web3 community. Networking can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and access to a wider network of industry peers.

- Exposure and Recognition: Being part of the NuLink Grants Program can increase the visibility of the applicants' projects within the Web3 ecosystem. Recognition from a reputable program like NuLink can enhance the credibility and reputation of the developers and their projects.

- Access to NuLink's Resources: Grant recipients may gain access to NuLink's resources, tools, and documentation, further supporting their project development and implementation.

- Market Validation: Winning a grant from NuLink can serve as validation of the project's value and potential impact within the privacy and encryption space. This validation can be beneficial for attracting further investments and users.

- Feedback and Improvement: Applicants have the opportunity to receive feedback from the judging committee, enabling them to improve their projects based on expert insights and suggestions.

- Learning Opportunity: Even if applicants don't win a grant, the process of preparing and submitting a project can be a valuable learning experience. It allows them to understand the criteria for successful projects and identify areas for improvement.

- Contribution to the Community: By participating in the grants program, applicants contribute to the advancement of privacy encryption technologies and the Web3 ecosystem. Their projects may inspire others and push the boundaries of what is possible in the field.

- Attracting Potential Investors: Winning a grant and showcasing a well-developed project can attract the attention of potential investors and partners who might be interested in supporting or collaborating on the project's future growth.

- Recognition on Social Media and Publicity: NuLink may highlight grant recipients on their social media channels, blog posts, and other public platforms, further increasing the visibility of the developers and their projects.

  1. Application

To submit your project, please follow the link below. We will promptly review your project and contact you for further technical support and grant assistance.

Submit Your Project Here:

  1. Judging Criteria

The judging committee will assess each submission using the following criteria:

- Innovation: Evaluates whether the project showcases novel and inventive applications of NuLink Agent API/SDK.

- Functionality: Examines whether the project performs as intended and offers valuable and practical features.

- Relevance: Considers how closely the project aligns with data privacy and encryption protection objectives.

- Technical Difficulty: Assesses the level of complexity and challenges involved in implementing the project.

- User Experience: Analyzes how user-friendly and intuitive the project is to navigate and interact with.

These criteria will guide the judging process to identify exceptional projects that demonstrate creativity, practicality, relevance to privacy protection, technical expertise, and a positive user experience.

  1. Prize Distribution

The organizer will award a total of $20,000 (50% USDT + 50% NLK) in prize money to outstanding developers and developer teams. The prizes will be distributed as follows:

4 projects will be selected, and each of them will receive $5,000 as the basic reward. Additional grants may be awarded if deemed necessary.

The winners will receive their prize money within 30 days of the Winner's Project Demo/Closing Ceremony.

  1. Team and Judges

The members of the judging committee are senior experts from the Web3 industry and the NuLink team, including: 

David Jiao: CEO of NuLink

Over 10 years of experience in the AI and automotive industry. Entrepreneur, with experience of founding startups in Sweden and China, and of successfully raising a few rounds of investment. As CPO of Golden Ridge Robotic, was responsible for a series of autonomous products.

Daniel Nilsson: COO of NuLink

CEO of Up Strategy Lab, Co-Founder of MuchSkills, Co-Founder & Operations Leader of One Life Dreams. Previously Chief Commercial Officer of Appland, Chief Marketing Officer of Mentice, and COO of Appgate (Formerly Cryptzone).

Pawn: CTO of NuLink

10 years experience in professional algorithm design and development in Blockchain and Privacy Computation Lab in both China and the US. During and after his PHD, his research has focused on Multi-Party Computation, Trusted Execution Environment, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and blockchain technology.

Jason:Hamster Head Advisor

Over 10 years of software experience and 5 years in crypto development

Privacy and dev. infrastructure professional

  1. Developer Resources

Nulink Agent SDK:

NuLink Agent Documentation:

Try a demo DApp and see how it interacts with the Agent:

For all the hackathon participants,Hamster provides free service that they could use ( to call NuLink functions with one-click to experience the NuLink development packages.

If you need to call NFT-related data during your development process, you can use the NFTScan data source.:

  1. Organizer


NuLink is a privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications that combines best practices with best-of-breed security solutions to provide enterprise-level security and privacy. 

NuLink Agent is a powerful file encryption tool and a web-based decentralized wallet that adopts the Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE) scheme to ensure data security and privacy.

  1. Co-Host


Conflux Network is an open-source, layer-1 blockchain protocol delivering heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web3.

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