NuLink has completed the integration on Conflux network.

NuLink has completed the integration on Conflux network.

NuLink has recently completed the integration of its privacy-preserving technology on Conflux network. This is a significant breakthrough as it provides strong protection for data privacy and security in the Conflux ecosystem.

Come and use NuLink Agent on the Conflux network:

Moreover, NuLink has entered into a strategic partnership with Conflux to further enhance the privacy and security of the Conflux network. The partnership aims to leverage NuLink's expertise in privacy-preserving technology and Conflux's fast, scalable, and secure blockchain protocol to deliver enterprise-level security for decentralized applications.

With NuLink's endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control, user data is securely stored and shared. In addition, NuLink's PRE scheme and use of Zero-Knowledge Proof play a crucial role in advanced privacy-preserving use cases.

In summary, the deployment of NuLink's privacy-preserving technology on the Conflux network and the strategic partnership between NuLink and Conflux represent a significant step forward in the development of secure and private decentralized applications.

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