NuLink Monthly Report 2021.11

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in November in this article.

Technological progress

1. Construct and implement Nuproxy and Policy Pallet.

2. Integrate BasePolicy Trait with BasePolicy to make it accessible to all pallets.

3. Construct the parallel chain creation structure.

4. Add unit tests to the pallet and fix bugs.

5. Add interface comments and documentation.

6. Upload NuLink Whitepaper

7. Update technical articles

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. We have raised $4 million from a number of VCs and would like to thank them all for joining us on our journey forward.

2. Establish a relationship with Oracle supplier SupraOracle. We will generate official content of mutual marketing on Jan 7, 2022. The future operation will be:

(1) With NuLink PRE/ABE/IBE network will help with building a more secure distribution system for the off-chain data.

(2) NuLink’s watcher network can create different pallets for different eco-chains for SUPRA to access more applications/users.

3. Explore a potential partnership with GenoBank. Initial “MOU’’ (Memorandum of Understanding) will be made soon.

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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