NuLink Monthly Report 2021.12

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in December in this article.

Technological progress

Nulink core has been continuously developed as scheduled. Nulink chain is a parallel chain developed based on substrate framework. At present, it has realized the test network based on POA consensus, the reward configuration of staker and the incentive scheme of user policy. At the same time, it has also realized the cross-chain data synchronization function of single node of watcher network. A few changes are listed below:

1.   Modify Nuproxy and Policy Pallet functions.

2.   Construct a custom Chain Specification.

3.   Add unit test and functional test samples.

4.   Add js test case logic.

5.   Deploy parallel chain testnet.

6.   Deploy watcher node.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1.   NuLink has conducted 10 AMAs in different active crypto communities. They brought a lot of interest from different people who are interested in NuLink’s technology, tokenomics, timeline, use cases and visions. Our communities are growing at full speed!

2.   Continue discussion with SupraOracle. An official announcement from SupraOracle: SupraOracles partners with NuLink, a technology that protects anonymity indecentralized apps:

3.   Nulink has been elected as one of 14 BestSweden Cryptocurrency Startups – The Future of Crypto by startuppill.


1.     Media (until 2021.12.31)

Twitter’s Followers 2399  


Discord Subscribers 1009    


Telegram English 11678


NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 2170


Telegram Chinese 1343  


NuLink Vietnamese Community 1121


2.     Activities

Community Name voting


Poap distribute   With Threshold community AMA , Total of 142 POAPs were distributed.

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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