NuLink Monthly Report 2022.01

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in January in this article.

Technological progress

NuLink network has completed some important milestones this month. The development team has finished the optimization of the test network of the nulink parallel chain. It includes an upgrade of the user-level policy incentive scheme by supporting users to create or cancel policies and the consumption rules for policy assets. Nulink watcher also realizes the consensus of staker data subscription and control instructions and some other related testing functions. So the main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1.   Optimize policy pallet incentive rules and other functions.

2.   Modify staker reward release and extraction functions.

3.   Add unit test and functional test samples.

4.   Optimize the control logic of watcher nodes.

5.   Integrate chain-watcher related tests.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1.   NuLink has officially got grants from Polkadot, PlatON, NEAR and HECO and continues to develop and deploy privacy preserving technologies into their ecosystems. NuLink is bridging the PRE scheme for users in those ecosystems, so they can freely and securely share data to each other.

2.  CEO David JIAO joined Cointelegraph‘s Chinese new year Twitter space event and discussed the topic ‘how far is the web3.0’. Check out the link.


1.     Media (until 2021.1.31)

Twitter Followers 2681

Discord Subscribers 1060

Telegram English 9752

Telegram Chinese 1690

Telegram Vietnamese Community 1317

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 787

2.     Activities

Community Name voting

After four rounds of voting, there are more than 5500 people who participated and #NuStar is chosen by our official and community.

The meaning of Nustar : Let's sail to the starry ocean, not just GoMoon, we will go further, so let's GoStar.

AMA in GAINS Chat encryption community

The event generated a lot of attention from different community groups, they are very interested in NuLink's technology, tokenomics, timeline, use cases, and vision.

Team NuLink
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