NuLink Monthly Report 2022.12

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in December in this article.

Technological progress

‍In November NuLink released the Horus test network V2.2, which by now has 49,000+ users, 587,000+ file sharing accounts and 171,000+ files uploaded. The main work in December was to carry out updates and maintenance:

1. Version update:

a. Nulink-Agent: Fixed the problem of user error when uploading data in specific cases.

b. Nulink Web: Fixed the problem of user error when downloading data in specific cases.

c. Nulink backend added the function of user ranking data summary

d. Optimized the sharing function.

e. Debugged the function of ranking list.

f. NLK faucet add ip and account limit function.

g.Online daily maintenance, user help, Q&A.


Market Operation Ecosystem

1. The NuLink team is so excited to launch Crew3 campaigns for tracking the community by using the XP system in it. There will be rewards for every sprint in Crew3. 

2. We are going to launch our first official AMA on Twitter Space on Jan 10th. Checkout this link In this AMA, we will talk about what we have achieved in 2022 and how should we better move forward in 2023!

3. We are going to officially release both the Lucky Draw winner list and Testnet Bounty Programs(2 phases) winners at the AMA event.



1.     Media (until 2022.12.31)

Twitter Followers 9733

Discord Subscribers 17718

Telegram English 4306

Telegram Chinese 1327

Telegram Vietnamese 1291

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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