NuLink Monthly Report 2022.2

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in February in this article.

Technological progress

The test network of the NuLink chain has undergone major functional updates this month. We updated the watcher function verification and the stacker list and document information, added the mock function and optimized the watcher’s startup logic. The development team also started to design NuLink-agent, a browser plug-in that provides the functions of file encryption, sharing and authorization. So the main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1. Optimize the contribution bonus of Nuproxy pallet.

2. Improve the design and architecture of NuLink-agent.

3. Optimize watcher’s basic parameter configuration and mock function.

4. Implement the interface planning and system structure of NuLink-node.

5. Implement the interface design of NuLink-web.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. NuLink has officially got a grant from Solana and will develop the mirror contract and watcher network for it so that the users can also use PRE to do the KMS in Solana ecosystem.

2. NuLink is launching a global intern program to hire passionate students about crypto from all around the world initially for a period of 2 months fully remote. It is a unique practical learning opportunity for students about technology, metaverse, NFTs & decentralized finance. All participants will also get exposure to see how technology startups are built & grow.

3. NuLink Partners with PromethMetagame (an RNG-based GameFi startup) by implementing NuLink PRE scheme to make private auctions/collections in their gaming NFT trading markets in the second half of 2022.



1. Media (until 2022.2.28)

Twitter Followers 2769

Discord Subscribers 1464

Telegram English 12013

Telegram Chinese 5239

Telegram Vietnamese Community 2828

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 824

2. Activities

NuStar Logo Design and Emoji Design Contest.

Whitelist System Establishment.

Team NuLink
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