NuLink Monthly Report 2022.3

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in March in this article.

Technological progress

NuLink chain has submitted the grant project to Web3 foundation this month. We also updated the content of the document and added the monitoring configuration management function of watcher. The development team continued to design and develop NuLink-agent, and realized some functions. So the main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1. Optimize the function of obtaining stakers list, update the document content.

2. Improve the design of the NuLink-agent framework, implement wallet interfaces and plug-in functions.

3. Implement some interfaces of Nulink-node, including uploading files and generating policy.

4. Implement some function interfaces of Nulink-web.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. Nulink has started a KOL program to attract global key opinion leaders for promoting our project. Our two interns are devoted to research about influential International KOLs and reach out to them on behalf of Nulink. It is expected to have around 5 KOLs initially.  

2. To strengthen & grow; Nulink has aggressively started building different nulink communities worldwide. Currently, Nulink Japan, India, Pakistan groups on telegram are all run by local language experts and it will increase to other regions.

3. In the coming few weeks; we are about to launch a nulink social media competition to win exciting prizes & our NLK token for our followers.


1. Media (until 2022.3.31)

Twitter Followers 3772

Discord Subscribers 2393

Telegram English 13390

Telegram Chinese 5824

Telegram Vietnamese Community 3204

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 835

2. Activities

NuStar Logo Design and Emoji Design Contest.

Whitelist System Establishment.

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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