NuLink Monthly Report 2022.4

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in April in this article.

Technological progress

NuLink-Agent is a browser plug-in that provides encryption, data sharing and authorization. The development team currently implements some related functions; We also update our NuLink parallel chain, including the test network, the documents, and optimize the configuration and startup logic of Watcher. The main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1. Improve the core interfaces between NuLink-Agent and Nucypher.

2. Implement NuLink-Agent’s IPFS file access function

3. Improve the basic functions of Nulink-Node service and start joint debugging.

4. Implement the basic functions of Nulink-Web and start joint debugging

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. Binance Lab has accepted Nulink in his Incubation Program in which only 14 most promising projects are accepted out of 500 projects who applied for this program.  

2. Nulink completed his global intern program in which 10 students from different universities of the world got training about building a project & community.

3. Nulink Launched & completed the user competition for our followers to win upto 1000 NLK coins.

4. The project is getting a lot of attention from investors, users and organizations from all over the world therefore we will be focusing more on building a strong community & increasing our presence in different regions of the world. The team also has planned a lot of user competitions, giveaways & exciting prizes for our strong followers in the coming few months.


1.     Media (until 2022.4.30)

Twitter Followers 4844

Discord Subscribers 3980

Telegram English 16011

Telegram Chinese 7170

Telegram Vietnamese 3607

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 2852

2.     Activities

NuLink User Competition to win upto 1000 NLK Coins!

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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