NuLink Monthly Report 2022.6

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in June in this article.

Technological progress

The development team makes further tests and debuggings to NuLink-Agent; We also update our NuLink parallel chain test network and the documents, and present a product. The main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1. Fix known bugs of NuLink-Agent and add test cases to increase test coverage.

2. Improve Nulink-Node’s functions and debug.

3. Complete all the functions and relevant tests of NuLink-Agent components.

4. Present a product of data encryption and data sharing, which is easy to be extended and futhure developed based on PRE. 

5. Start the transaction feature that supports encrypted NFT on opensea.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. Nulink Network team attended Viva Tech which is Europe’s Biggest Startup & Tech event under Binance incubation program in Paris, France.

2. During the Viva Tech event; We met and shared our project solution to world crypto leaders including Binance top leadership & CEO Changpeng Zhao.

3. In the web3 space; a lot of projects ,startups & tech organization leaders visited our booth. We presented our solutions to them & got several leads on which we’re following up to close deals. 

4. In addition to it; our top investors from Holland visited us during the event. We had a very good discussion regarding the project performance & future plans.


1.     Media (until 2022.6.30)

Twitter Followers 4037

Discord Subscribers 9971

Telegram English 15669

Telegram Chinese 5885

Telegram Vietnamese 2588

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 1881

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Monthly Report

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