NuLink Monthly Report 2023.04

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in April in this article.

Technological progress

In April 2023, the NuLink team worked on NuLink Web Agent. The main work included:

1. Designing and establishing detailed parameters for the process of interacting with third-party external links and the web agent website, as well as writing related documentation.

2. Developing the web agent interface and SDK.

3. Developing the logic for the web agent page.

4. Setting up a test environment for the web agent, including a website, backend, and distributed Ursula nodes.

5. Providing Q&A and help for users on NuLink Discord.

Marketing efforts

1. We launched our April Crew3 sprint, aiming to boost engagement and raise awareness. Participants were provided with informative and engaging quests, contributing to increased involvement and visibility.

2. We made a partnership with Deepcoin, a reputable crypto trading platform.

3. Another exciting collaboration was established with ZKSpace, an all-featured L2 platform built on ZK-rollups. This strategic partnership opens up opportunities for leveraging their innovative technology and reaching a wider audience.

4. Our community manager, Alex, had being interviewed by Zealy (formerly Crew3). They recognized the potential of NuLink and featured us as their Project of the Day, providing valuable exposure to their audience.

These marketing efforts demonstrate our commitment to expanding our presence and strengthening our network of partnerships. By actively engaging with communities and aligning ourselves with reputable platforms, we are solidifying NuLink's position and driving awareness within the crypto industry.


1.     Media (until 2023.4.30)

Twitter Followers 11588

Discord Subscribers 18049

Telegram English Followers 3835

Telegram Chinese Followers 1109

Telegram Vietnamese Followers 923

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