NuLink Monthly Report 2023.05

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in May in this article.

Technological progress

In May 2023, the NuLink team continued to work on the NuLink Web Agent. The team focused on the following tasks:

  1. Internal logic and interface debugging for the web agent website.
  2. Development and debugging of the interaction process code between third-party websites and the web agent.
  3. Development of a third-party website demo.
  4. Writing of interface documentation between third-party websites and the web agent.
  5. Extraction of the nulink-agent third-party integration SDK and uploading of the npm package.
  6. Internal release of nulink-agent, including the setup of front-end and back-end environments.
  7. Creation of a user manual and video recording.
  8. Release of nulink-agent.
  9. Writing of agent SDK documentation.

Marketing efforts

Marketing efforts for May:

  1.  We successfully completed the April Zealy Sprint and announced the final standings, showcasing the engagement and enthusiasm of our community.
  2. NuLink Whitepaper 2.0 was officially released, representing a major milestone in our journey. This comprehensive update demonstrates our unwavering commitment to innovation and outlines our clear vision for the future of NuLink.
  3. Together with Arbitrum, we are exploring the potential of layer 2 privacy data protection. This initiative perfectly aligned with our mission to enhance user privacy and security within the blockchain ecosystem, showcasing our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  4. Additionally, on May 25th, our CEO, David Jiao, participated in a panel discussion hosted by TinTinLand. This panel focused on non-fungible tokens and strategies for standing out in the digital asset revolution. David's participation allowed us to share our unique perspectives, contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding NFTs, and reinforce our position as industry thought leaders.

These recent accomplishments reflect our relentless pursuit of progress and commitment to innovation within the crypto industry. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to delivering cutting-edge solutions and creating new opportunities for our community and partners. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NuLink!


1.     Media (until 2023.5.31)

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