NuLink Monthly Report 2023.06

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in June in this article.

Technological progress

In June 2023, the NuLink team continued to work on the NuLink Web Agent. The team focused on the following tasks: 

0. Adjusting the pre web agent strategy: 

a. Adding strategy information from the user’s local storage to the backend, without affecting user data security, as the user’s private key is stored locally. 

b. Adding a mnemonic recovery account and strategy feature to make it easier for users to import their Metamask account mnemonics into our website wallet. 

c. Adding an export user account private key feature to make it easier for users to export relevant information to Metamask.

  1. Extracting the pre SDK as a separate project and releasing it as a third-party library. Refactoring the pre SDK code and structure, adjusting dependencies, and removing any “elements” related to the React interface.
  2. Refactoring some of the agent SDK code and fixing bugs.
  3. Refactoring third-party code that calls the agent SDK source code to use the agent SDK npm package.
  4. Answering questions and maintaining the agent online environment.
  5. Publishing agent online documentation.
  6. Fixing a bug where some users were unable to successfully generate mnemonics when creating an account with the agent.

Marketing efforts

Online Activities

  1. In June we launched a UEFA Champions League World Cup prediction activity, which attracted a large number of users to join our community and participate.
  2. We actively promoted the launch of our new product, NuLink Agent Alpha, to increase awareness and understanding of advanced technology and solutions
  3. To celebrate the launch of NuLink Agent, we launched a large-scale welfare activity - the Bounty Program, which received widespread praise and enthusiastic participation from our community members.
  4. Throughout the month, we hosted three AMA sessions, participated in two AMA sessions with partner projects. Also we organized a Bug Bounty activity and an Airdrop. These activities generated excellent feedback and engagement from the community.

Offline Activities

  1. In June, we participated in the hackathon activities hosted by Nautilus Chain, Zebec and Rootzlabs. Additionaly, we conducted offline roadshows in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Stanford. In the end, we stood out from 160 participating project parties with a third-place finish, demonstrating our strength and innovation in encryption privacy technology.

Market Cooperation

  1. We have reached ecological cooperation with many outstanding builders in the industry, including Conflux, Nautilus Chain, NFTScan, Metabit, Getaverse, FILabs, FalaBlock, Web3port, etc., which will provide broader development space and more application scenarios for our products and technology.
  2. We have begun actively promoting NuLink and our new product NuLink Agent to companies in need of encryption privacy technology. By extending our support to more projects, we aim to ensure the security of user data and foster widespread adoption of our encryption solutions. 

These June marketing efforts demonstrate our dedication for engaging with the community, expanding our presence in web3 space, and forging strategic partnerships. We are committed towards our goal to advance the field of encryption privacy technology and for providing privacy solutions for other projects across the industry.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NuLink!


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