NuLink Monthly Report 2023.07

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in July in this article.

Technological progress

In July 2023, the NuLink team worked on the NuLink-sdk and focused on the following tasks:

  1. Fixed a bug where the blockchain root teacher node would not start when docker was started under certain circumstances.
  2. Completed preparations for the open-source release of nulink-sdk.
  3. Published user documentation for nulink-sdk.
  4. Published development documentation for nulink-sdk.
  5. Released nulink-sdk.
  6. Wrote open-source related demos for nulink-sdk.
  7. Released the open-source code for nulink-agent-sdk.
  8. Released an open-source demo for third-party use of nulink-agent-sdk.
  9. Answered questions and maintained the agent online environment.
  10. Modified nulink IPFS data access to backend storage for easier access control.

Marketing efforts

NuLink's Activities in July:

1. Hamsternet Partnership: We forged a pivotal partnership with Hamsternet, an innovative platform blending Web3 and AI. This alliance showcases the mutual commitment of both parties to elevate and secure the Web3 experience for users.

2. Stanford's Boundless Hackathon: NuLink was honored to rank among the top three at this prestigious hackathon at Stanford University. Such recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing encryption and privacy in the Web3 space.

3. Post-Hackathon AMA with Nautilus Chain: Post the hackathon, our CEO, David Jiao, provided insights during an AMA session, shedding light on NuLink's milestones and vision for the future.

4. Telegram Airdrop Campaign: We launched an enticing airdrop campaign on Telegram with a prize pool of 50,000 $NLK.  The campaign witnessed overwhelming participation, reflecting our project increasing popularity.

5. Sinohope Collaboration: NuLink strategically aligned with Sinohope, focusing on crafting state-of-the-art solutions for privacy-centric decentralized applications.

6. Zealy Airdrop Campaign: We rolled out a Zealy airdrop campaign with a 100,000 $NLK prize pool. This initiative drew a staggering 50,000 participants on its debut day and we reached second place in top trending projects on Zealy.

7.  MixMarvel Partnership: NuLink forged a strategic alliance with MixMarvel, a leader in blockchain content incubation. The collaboration aims to provide top-notch data privacy and security measures across MixMarvel's vast ecosystem.

8. Meta Era Summit:We were invited to be a part in the esteemed Meta Era Summit. The event is a platform for NuLink to engage with industry leaders, gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscapes of Metaverse & Web3.

9. AMA with ZK Space: We continued our AMA sessions with ZK Space, discussing various facets of our project.

10. NuLink Agent Bug Bounty Event: We honored the victors of the NuLink Agent Bug Bounty Event, a testament to the expertise of our community members. Their keen insights and ability to identify vulnerabilities play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the NuLink Agent's future.

11. Our Twitter and Telegram communities have both surpassed 100,000 members and continue to receive attention from users around the world. We are thrilled about our upcoming marketing actions.

As we closed out July, we at NuLink are proud to have continued our commitment to building strategic partnerships, celebrating our accomplishments, and advancing innovative initiatives. This has further solidified our respected position in the Web3 ecosystem. We are excited to continue our momentum in August and beyond.


1.     Media (until 2023.7.31)

Twitter Followers 101214

Discord Subscribers 43228

Telegram English 97725

Team NuLink
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