NuLink Monthly Report 2023.08

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in August in this article.

Technological progress

In August 2023, the NuLink team worked on the NuLink-sdk multi-network support and focused on the following tasks:

1. Completed the network connection (blockchain pre-node program, third-party integration, agent integration) and deployment of the Conflux chain.

2. Added multi-network support for the agent.

3. Added multi-network support for the NuLink-ts package.

4. Added multi-network support for the NuLink-core node.

5. Added multi-network support for the NuLink third-party sdk.

6. Discussed and designed the solution for NuLink cross-chain support.

Marketing efforts

NuLink's Activities in August:

1. The Zealy campaign continues to gain momentum, with nearly 60,000 participants, reflecting NuLink's growing community strength.

2. NuLink collaborated with Galxe on an NFT campaign to expand its social footprint on different platforms.

3. On Chinese Valentine's Day, we partnered with HyperPay for the QuestN campaign, adding a festive and interactive element to its community interaction.

4. NuLink's industry recognition was affirmed with an invitation to the highly anticipated event in South Korea - Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023.

5. On August 30 we launched our NuLink Grants Program with a $20,000 prize pool. Aimed at developers and teams focusing on privacy, encryption, storage, or security projects. Additionally, the program was highlighted on DoraHacks with an invitation to Cryptography and Web3 developers to join. 

6. NuLink’s CEO, David Jiao, was spotlighted in a Twitter Spaces chat hosted by Sinohope Group, discussing the ever-relevant subject of crypto investment pitfalls.

This month, NuLink prioritized strategic partnerships, community-centric initiatives, and advancing in the Web3 landscape. We look forward to the exciting months ahead.


1.     Media (until 2023.8.31)

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