NuLink Monthly Report 2023.01

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in January in this article.

Technological progress

‍In 2022, NuLink released the Horus test network V2.2, which by now has 49,000+ users, 587,000+ file sharing accounts and 171,000+ files uploaded. In January, NuLink's development team focused on maintaining the test network:

1.nulink-agent online maintenance.

2.nulink-agent debugs :

 a. Fix a bug that sometimes occurs when getting the default account.

 b. Refactor part of account codes.

 c. Fix the bug of the notification mechanism.

Marketing efforts

1. On January 10th, our CEO David Jiao held an AMA session on Twitter Space where he answered many questions from the community regarding the project and its future plans.

2. The winners of our Testnet Bounty Program for both phases were announced.

3. The winners of our Lucky Draw event were also announced.

4. The results of our first Crew3 sprint were also declared, and the winners were announced.

5. Preparations are underway for our next Crew3 sprint campaign, with a focus on educating the community about our technology and what we hope to achieve.

6. To celebrate our 10,000 Twitter followers, we have collaborated with the TaskOn team to celebrate this milestone.


1.     Media (until 2022.1.31)

Twitter Followers 11848

Discord Subscribers 19361

Telegram English 4256

Telegram Chinese 1279

Telegram Vietnamese 1179

Team NuLink
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