NuLink Monthly Report 2023.10

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in October in this article

Technological progress

NuLink team made significant progress in October 2023. Here are the tasks we focused on:

1. NuLink cross-chain solution contract development completed.
2. NuLink cross-chain solution pre-backend development completed.
3. NuLink cross-chain solution worker code development completed.
4. NuLink cross-chain solution frontend development completed.
5. Coordination with Hamster regarding collaboration-related issues.
6. Integration and issue resolution for collaboration-related interfaces with Hamster.

These accomplishments demonstrate the team's dedication and commitment to advancing the NuLink cross-chain solution.

Marketing efforts

NuLink's October 2023 Recap:

1. We joined an engaging AMA session with BNB Chain and other Greenfield Projects on Telegram, diving deep into decentralized storage and its potential on the BNB Chain. This aligned perfectly with NuLink's involvement in the BNB Greenfield mainnet launch, highlighting our commitment to technology innovation and community education.

2. In a strategic move, we announced a partnership with CoinsDo, a Singaporean firm specializing in non-custodial digital asset custody solutions. This alliance not only underscores our dedication to enhancing Web3 security and privacy but also showcases our commitment to collaborating with industry leaders.

3. We launched the NuLink Chat and Meme Contest to shift towards more interactive and fun community engagement. This activity, aimed at boosting community interaction, saw participants enthusiastically discussing in our channels and creating NuLink-themed memes, contributing to a lively and engaged online presence.

October was a month of diversity in our activities, ranging from in-depth technical discussions in our AMA session to the light-hearted and creative meme contest. This blend of activities demonstrates our dual commitment to technological excellence and building a vibrant, engaged community.

These initiatives, each unique in its focus and execution, collectively contributed to the growth and strengthening of our community, further solidifying NuLink's position in the Web3 ecosystem as a leader in data privacy and encryption.


1.     Media (until 2023.10.30)

Twitter Followers 100207

Discord Subscribers 48407

Telegram English 90273

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