NuLink Monthly Report 2024.01

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in Januarary in this article

Technological progress

In January 2024, NuLink’s technical endeavors continued to advance the NuLink redesign, with a focus on specific tasks outlined below:

Added dashboard functionality:

- Developed the dashboard staking page and backend, with a focus on enabling users to stake their tokens and earn rewards on the NuLink network.

- Developed the dashboard borus page and backend, with a focus on allowing users to access and manage their cross-chain assets and transactions on the NuLink network.

- Developed the online rate service, with a focus on monitoring and displaying the availability and performance of the NuLink nodes and workers.

Adjusted worker nodes to match contract changes:

- Updated the worker node logic and configuration, with a focus on ensuring the compatibility and functionality of the worker nodes with the new contract version. Adapted to the new epoch function, modified worker code according to contract updates

- Optimized the worker node performance and stability, with a focus on reducing the latency and error rate of the worker nodes.

Fixed contract bugs:

- Identified and resolved several bugs and issues in the contract code, with a focus on improving the security and reliability of the contract.

The NuLink team’s dedication to the redesign is reflected in the systematic approach to development, testing, and debugging, addressing specific components critical to the platform’s functionality and user experience. Additionally, the completion of the dashboard functionality signifies NuLink’s commitment to delivering a user-friendly and intuitive product to the market.

Marketing efforts

Horus 2.0 Testnet Makes Strong Progress! Over 6,000 nodes successfully ran on the Phase 1 testnet of Horus 2.0 throughout January, demonstrating its stability and scalability.

Incentive programs like "Best Community Invitation" and "Social Media Promotion" encouraged active participation and community growth, while initiatives like "Community Promotion" and "Best Tutorial Producer" helped deepen understanding and spread the word about NuLink's services.

NuLink partnered with the DATS Project and DexCheck to enhance Web3 data security and privacy. These partnerships combine NuLink's privacy technology with DATS's security infrastructure and DexCheck's crypto analytics expertise, offering robust solutions for the Web3 ecosystem.

The implementation of incentive programs and strategic partnerships significantly increased community growth and engagement. NuLink remains committed to its mission in the blockchain space through continuous innovation, strategic collaboration, and rewarding community engagement opportunities.

We express our sincere gratitude to our community, partners, and supporters. Your continued engagement and support are crucial to our success and advancement in the Web3 ecosystem.


1.     Media (until 2024.01.31)

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Discord Subscribers 30500

Telegram English 95258

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