NuLink Monthly Report 2024.02

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in February in this article

Technological progress

In February, NuLink made significant progress in its redesign, focusing on the following key tasks:

Frontend-Backend Code Integration and Debugging:

    - Successfully connected and debugged frontend and backend code to ensure seamless communication.

    - Conducted thorough testing to verify the functionality and stability of the integrated system.

Frontend Contract Integration and Debugging:

    - Ensured smooth integration between the frontend and smart contracts.

    - Rigorously tested contract interactions to guarantee proper execution.

Development Completion and Testing:

    - Completed the development phase, addressing critical components of the redesign.

    - Rigorously tested all features and functionalities to identify and rectify any issues.

Pre-Deployment Preparation:

    - Prepared for the upcoming deployment by setting up necessary services.

    - Created Docker containers and installation packages for streamlined deployment.

    - Updated relevant documentation to reflect the changes.

Announcement and Media Preparations:

    - Released official announcements regarding the upcoming changes.

    - Engaged with the community through platforms like Discord to create awareness and anticipation.

Initial Release of Dashboard:

    - Launched the first version of the dashboard, providing users with essential functionality.

The NuLink team's commitment to delivering a user-friendly and robust product is evident in the systematic approach taken during development, testing, and debugging. We look forward to further enhancing the NuLink experience for our users! 

Marketing efforts

1. This month, we have initiated strategic collaborations with zk.Link, Dechat, Bitcoincat, and other projects, exploring future partnership opportunities. These collaborations will bring broader development prospects to NuLink, strengthen our influence in the blockchain space, and open up possibilities for providing data privacy encryption services to more institutions and projects.

2. We have launched the Horus 2.0 Phase 2&3 Genesis Testnet event on Coinlist, with a total prize pool of up to 5 million $NLK. This event aims to give back profits and benefits to our community and Coinlist users. The event is currently in full swing and has been warmly welcomed. Through this event, we aim to further ignite community participation enthusiasm, refine our product iterations and updates, and prepare adequately for the mainnet launch.

3. Progress has been made in our collaborations with investment institutions Coinvestor and Alpha Capital. Together, we will seek potential strategic opportunities to pave a broader path for NuLink's development. These collaborations will bring us more resources and support, helping NuLink gain a greater advantage in market competition.

4. We have officially entered the Korean market and started offering Korean language community services, striving to provide a quality service experience to more users. This initiative signifies a significant step in NuLink's internationalization strategy, and we will continuously optimize our services to meet the needs of users in different regions.

5. Additionally, we have launched a global KOL recruitment program and received over 300 KOL applications. This will inject new vitality into NuLink's global promotion and development. Through collaboration with KOLs, we aim to expand brand influence, enhance community awareness, and drive the continuous healthy development of the project.

We express our gratitude to all community members, partners, and supporters for their ongoing support and kindness. Your participation and trust are the driving force behind NuLink's continuous progress.

We look forward to witnessing together NuLink's exciting journey of continuous innovation and development in the blockchain space.


1.     Media (until 2024.02.29)

Twitter Followers 141757

Discord Subscribers 64167

Telegram English 102441

Team NuLink
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