NuLink Monthly Report 2024.03

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in March in this article

Technological progress

Here’s the NuLink team’s progress report for the month of March:

  1. Worker Node Adjustments:
    • Enhanced worker node functionality by adding commands such as stake, unstake, and get_stake_tokens.
    • Introduced bond and unbound commands for worker nodes.
    • Implemented claim and claimrewards functionality, allowing users to verify successful node startup.
  2. NuLink Web Agent Enhancements:
    • Modified and expanded the NuLink web agent’s processes.
    • Enabled third-party byte data uploads (not limited to files) for improved versatility.
  3. NuLink Web Agent Demo and nulink-ts Library Adaptation:
    • Developed a demo version of the NuLink web agent.
    • Ensured compatibility with the nulink-ts library.
  4. NuLink Web UI Refinements:
    • Made adjustments to the NuLink web user interface for better usability.
    • Streamlined user interactions and visual elements.
  5. Reward Task Logic in NuLink Web:
    • Integrated reward task logic into the NuLink web platform.
    • Users can now participate in tasks and earn rewards.
  6. User Task Modules in NuLink Web:
    • Introduced user-specific task modules within NuLink web.
    • Enhanced user engagement and interaction.

The NuLink team remains committed to delivering a robust and user-friendly product. We appreciate your support and look forward to further enhancing the NuLink experience! 🚀

Marketing efforts

  1. Community in Focus:
  • Korean Connection:
    • We fostered connections with Korean crypto enthusiasts by hosting a successful AMA with the Exilist Korean Community.
  • Twitter Takeover:
    • NuLink actively participated in a Twitter space discussion hosted by prominent crypto influencer Cryptosyzygy, raising awareness and generating project interest.
  1. Strategic Collaborations:
  • Power Partnerships:
    • NuLink joined forces with key players in the crypto ecosystem, including OxWilds, Marilyn PR, Bella Protocol, and MetaEra Media. These partnerships provide valuable resources and expertise to accelerate NuLink’s growth.
  1. Exciting Developments on the Horizon:
  • Horus 2.0 Testnet Thriving:
    • Our collaboration with CoinList on the Horus 2.0 testnet has been a success for nearly two months.
  1. Testnet Stats (as of April 5th):
  • Global Reach:
    • The testnet boasts participation across numerous countries, demonstrating strong international interest.
  • Active Engagement:
    • We’ve seen impressive numbers with approximately 67,554 staking nodes, 498,717 total addresses, and 5,734,930 agent interactions.
  1. Reaching New Audiences:
  • Minority Language Focus:
    • We’ve made significant progress connecting with minority language communities, reaching audiences in Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, and Indonesian.
  • KOL Collaborations:
    • Our partnerships with local Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have been successful, with over 30+ collaborations each in Europe, Turkey, and Vietnam, and 10+ in South Korea.

NuLink is building momentum and preparing for exciting developments ahead. Stay tuned for future updates! 🚀


1.     Media (until 2024.03.31)

Twitter Followers 145650

Discord Subscribers 64927

Telegram English 100362

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