NuLink Secret File Sharing DAPP Contest

In order to make more people get involved in this web3 infrastructure building and privacy preserving DAPP user experience experiment. We will start a file sharing contest!

NuLink Network Foundation started the secret file sharing service on Oct 20th. The original aim of making this DAPP is trying to test how web3 users think about their secrets and how they want to share them. In less than 1 week, we have 1100 registered users(addresses) and 1700 secret files have been encrypted and uploaded. According to a survey conducted on Twitter, security is still the most concerning issue when it  comes to sharing secrets. That’s exactly what the NuLink team are good at: we use end-to-end data encryption and PRE service to make the whole software architecture. It means even the secret sharing service provider which is NuLink in this case, can NEVER see the data. 

In order to make more people get involved in this web3 infrastructure building and privacy preserving DAPP user experience experiment.  The NuLink team here announced it will start a file sharing contest starting 11.03 0:00 UTC. The rule is very simple as below.


The contest will rank the participants' file sharing count(file sharing count means the number of requests of uploaded files you have approved for others) each week and the top 10 accounts will win the reward. 

Current ranking can be found in this leaderboard.

The count will be reset for next week, which means the contest will repeat every week. The participants need to use NuLink File Sharing Dapp to edit their profiles (set up the account nickname at least) and upload at least 10 files to be eligible for the contest.


For each week the top 10 count addresses will be winners which will share a pool of 10,000NLK. The rank 1st-5th will get 1500 NLK each, and rank 6th-10th will get 500 NLK each. And all the winners will receive a special POAP each week. 

Remark: If you already installed the agent package please update it to the newest version and use a new account to join the contest. Check here for update guidelines.

There will be totally 5 rounds of this contest. 1 round for each week. We super welcome all web3 users to join this interesting contest and follow our latest development in privacy preserving technolgies.

Team NuLink

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