NuLink Testnet 'Horus' Announcement

The Nulink Network Team is very excited to announce the launch of our testnet "Horus", along with an exciting reward program for community members to preview the technology and help us with the testing phase. We have been working hard building our secret file sharing function. As we steam ahead towards release, we feel that being as transparent as possible is critical to optimizing the value of our testnet for us and our community. Therefore, currently we’re looking for testers for our testnet. 

1.  Phases Of The Testnet

The program will run across multiple phases, each of which is designed to test various dimensions of the network and grow the overall ecosystem.

Phase 1: (September 15 - November 9)

This phase will focus on testing Nulink worker node function & Staking Dapp function and will run from Sep-15 till November 9. Functional testers will participate in a series of competitive tasks and guided challenges. With each challenge, participants will have the opportunity to earn tokens.

Phase 2: (October 20 - December 31)

This phase will focus on testing Nulink secret file sharing agent function & Dapp function. Functional testers will test each secret file sharing function and provide feedback to help us improve the product.

2. Why Participate in the Testnet?

The Nulink testnet presents some unique opportunities to become early adopters in new privacy technology for Dapps with exciting rewards in $NLK token.

🏆 Get Bounty Rewards in $NLK

Participants are able to get token rewards for successfully testing the features and submitting their feedback. We will select 30-50 users who have completed all the testing phases with the most valuable feedback, and these users will be rewarded up to 6000 NLKs with a whitelist(public round pre-sale) qualification.

📦 Airdrop Chances

Even if you don't get the final bounty, you will be part of incentive programs for completing the tests which will be happening from time to time. The rules and list will be announced before the TGE stage.

🧑‍💻 Getting Familiarized with Nulink Solution

This testnet will prepare you to get familiarized with how privacy & preserving technology will work for decentralized applications. It also provides you an exciting opportunity to get involved with the leadership & core development team in case of submitting some remarkable feedback or bug for improving our product.  

👾 Building Your Reputation

Nulink also provides a platform to establish your presence as a strong and early contributor in the community who played an important role in improving the Nulink functions.

👪 Be part of the friendliest Web3 community

All testers will gain access to all our community channels where you can meet other Web3 enthusiasts and expand your network with industry experts.

3. How to Participate in the Testnet?

In order to participate, The Nulink Network team has developed detailed processes & guidelines in simplest way to install the product, test the function & submit the result. You need to use our official documents properly for participating in the testnet. And after the test, you must submit the feedback form to be eligible for reward. 

4. Reward Rules

  • Rule 1: We offer 30-50 bounty rewards. Each reward for completing one single phase is 3000 NLKs. If you complete two phases, the reward will be raised to 6000 NLKs plus a whitelist (public round pre-sale) qualification.
  • Rule 2: We will also offer airdrops for other users, so participate actively in Horus testnet! The rules and list will be announced before the TGE stage.

Participants need to fulfill these conditions in order to become eligible for the rewards.

  • Must participate in test following the test guideline
  • Must provide feedback regarding bug detection or improvement suggestion through the feedback form before the deadline of each phase

Note: Users who participated but not provided any feedback will not be eligible for any rewards. 

5. Useful links

6. Remark

The right to interpret all activities is reserved by NuLink Network Foundation. We will keep updating all links in point 5.

Team Nulink
Testnet Launch

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