NuStar Visual Brand Wanted!

Create VI system for Nulink community-Nustar,Win 6000 $NLK!

No matter how long it takes, 

No one can tell the eternity of this moment.

We come together on Nulink.

NuStar is our name.

When we embrace,

We are united like the sea.

When we are apart,

We shine like stars.

Whether you are a professional designer or a photoshop enthusiast, you can unleash your talent and bring out the best of yourself here to create an exclusive visual brand VI system for Nustar together!

What is NuStar

Backers of Nulink call themselves“Nustar”. NuLink is a decentralized and high-quality security and privacy protection scheme. It is a derivative based on the technology of NuCypher, the famous privacy encryption piece. It is called "standing on the shoulders of giants" and has quickly become one of the most promising projects in the private sector of Web3.0. So far, it has received a total of $4 million from nearly 20 institutions. Not only because of the innovative technology of the project but also because of the friendly and passionate vibe of the community, NuLink has won great attention in the cryptocurrency industry. The ‘Naming chic for NuLink Army’ event attracted 6,000 people to participate and received a total of 800 votes. NuStar was chosen eventually as the name of our community members.

How to participate

Community VI Basics:

Logo design

Correct and incorrect usage of Logo

Base colour and auxiliary colour

English font

Logo and English combination usage

Logo fine structure

Community Mascot Design:

Personification with stars as the main body, design 3 or 5 moscot characters

Who can participate


Activity theme

NuStar Visual Identity.

Active content

Vector diagram.

Activity time

01/30/2022 - 02/28/2022.

Detailed requirements

1. Practicality

Visual expansion around the community name NuStar, easy to produce and manufacture by various craft means. It can be widely used in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, gradually expanding the influence of our community.

2. Artistry

In line with Nulink brand concept and project characteristics, it is best to be simple, smooth, beautiful, generous, and full of aesthetic feeling, and has a profound meaning at the same time, which is easy to remember and identify.

3. Uniqueness

The work must be original, not previously published in any form, and must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Award setting

One winner with a bonus of 6000 $NLK.

Way of participation

Join the community and submit an entry via the specified link.

Note: The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the official community

Team NuLink

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