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Who we are looking for
  • Responsible for the research and development of blockchain data security and privacy protection related technologies, and select appropriate solutions to promote implementation according to needs
  • Research and apply cutting-edge cryptography technology, cryptographic algorithm implementation and performance optimization, such as blockchain smart contracts, homomorphic encryption, multi-party secure computing, zero-knowledge proof and other applications, and produce theoretical or technical original results
Experience & Qualifications
  • Full-time master's or doctoral degree, major in cryptography, cyberspace security or applied mathematics
  • Familiar with blockchain principles, proficient in hash function, digital signature and other commonly used blockchain cryptography principles and code implementation
  • Familiar with symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, ring signature, aggregate signature and other cryptographic techniques, understand and be able to use common cryptographic algorithms, and be familiar with relevant cryptographic standard systems
  • Familiar with one or several privacy protection technologies such as secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof, and post-quantum cryptography theory is preferred
  • Those who have published papers in famous international journals and international conferences on cryptography or information security are preferred
  • Experience in blockchain/privacy protection project design or development is preferred.

The Nulink team is deeply dedicated in building privacy preserving technology for decentralized applications. We’ve strong business partnership & collaboration with world leading organizations in web3 space including Binance so you will have great exposure to working in a diversified skilled team. And we have great benefits for those who join us:

  • Strong incentives (Salary + Tokens)
  • Remote-friendly
  • Participation in some of crypto’s biggest events and conferences
  • Become a permanent part of Nulink Community
How to apply

If you believe that you are a good fit for this role. Please submit the required documents through email with the subject line “ Senior Researcher“ at jobs@nulink.org 

  1. Your updated resume + Linkedin Profile
  2. Two sentence describing why you feel that you are a good fit for this role

Who are we?

NuLink provides privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications via APIs. We enable and make it easy for developers, startups, small businesses and enterprises to build their own applications with all the best security and privacy practices

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