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Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a solution that makes it easy for developers to implement best practices and best of breed security and privacy

Privacy & encryption for everyone

Today it is complicated (sometimes expensive) to implement security and encryption of personal data. 

Our project aims to offer the world an out-of-the-box encryption solution that makes it easy for developers and product owners to implement best practices, modern and up-to-date security and privacy.

The solution will offer everything needed including data encryption, key & storage management, inter-blockchain deployment, and much more.

Our key development & product values

As we develop and design NuLink, these are the core values for what we create no matter the technology we choose.

Easy to implement

Easy to manage

Open Source

So secure that not even the owner can read or see the data

Easy for users to share data securely


Backed by some of the best organizations in Web3

Binance Labs backs NuLink Technologies

The core team

We bring to the table a combination of skills – blockchain, cryptography, math, enterprise security sales, B2B design and marketing. We share a passion for building amazing products and are focused on making NuLink a success.

David Jiao

Over 10 years of experience in the AI and automotive industry. Entrepreneur, with experience of founding startups in Sweden and China, and of successfully raising a few rounds of investment. As CPO of Golden Ridge Robotic, was responsible for a series of autonomous products.

Daniel Nilsson

CEO of Up Strategy Lab, Co-Founder of MuchSkills, Co-Founder & Operations Leader of One Life Dreams. Previously Chief Commercial Officer of Appland, Chief Marketing Officer of Mentice, and COO of Appgate (Formerly Cryptzone).

Noel Braganza

Co-Founder and Product Owner of MuchSkills, Co-Founder of Up Strategy Lab. Previously Design Director of The Techno Creatives and Interaction Designer at the Design Lab, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


10 years experience in professional algorithm design and development in Blockchain and Privacy Computation Lab in both China and the US. During and after his PHD, his research has focused on Multi-Party Computation, Trusted Execution Environment, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and blockchain technology.


Senior Blockchain Developer; Cryptography geek; ETH Layer 2 researcher, core code contributor of Nest and Compound; technical advisor of ZKSWAP and other Defi programs.


Blockchain and Cryptographic Researcher. Currently pursuing a PHD in cryptography. Leading researcher of FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) in China.


Backed by some of the best organizations in Web3

Accepted Grant Proposals

Nulink is currently building privacy preserving features that can be integrated into Polkadot, Heco, Near, PlatON and Solana, with more collaborations coming up. Eventually Nulink will support inter-blockchain features. NuLink also has been incubated by Binance Labs. Our testnet Horus Onchain part has been chosen to be depolyed to the BSC testnet.

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