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Horus Network

Horus Network is NuLink’s testnet for developers and community members to test and implement proprietary security infrastructure components into their Web3 applications. In total it includes four components: the NuLink Staking Dapp, the NuLink Worker Node, the NuLink Agent and the NuLink File Sharing Dapp.

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Become a Community Tester

The NuLink Staking Dapp and the NuLink Worker Node are used by those who want to provide cryptographic service in the Horus network; while the NuLink Agent and the NuLink File Sharing Dapp are used by those who want to use the privacy-preserving service in the Horus network. The token in the Horus network is NLK(test).

If you have any questions or feedback about the feature please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Why should I join?

Receive the following benefits while testing the Nulink security solutions

How to participate
🏆 Get Bounty Rewards in $NLK

Participants are able to get token rewards for successfully testing the features and submitting their feedback. We will select 30-50 users who have completed all the testing phases with the most valuable feedback, and these users will be rewarded up to 6000 NLKs with a whitelist(public round pre-sale) qualification.

📦 Airdrop Chances

Even if you don’t get the final bounty, you will be part of incentive programs for completing the tests which will be happening from time to time. The rules and list will be announced before the TGE stage.

💻 Getting Familiarized with Nulink Solution

This testnet will prepare you to get familiarized with how privacy & preserving technology will work for decentralized applications. It also provides you an exciting opportunity to get involved with the leadership & core development team in case of submitting some remarkable feedback or bug for improving our product.

👾 Build Your Reputation

Nulink also provides a platform to establish your presence as a strong and early contributor in the community who played an important role in improving the Nulink functions.

👪 Be part of the friendliest Web3 community

All testers will gain access to all our community channels where you can meet other Web3 enthusiasts and expand your network with industry experts.

Feedback Form

Please use this to report bugs and provide feedback.

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