Announcement for NuLink Testnet 'Horus 2.0'

Announcement for NuLink Testnet 'Horus 2.0'

Dear Community Members,

Last year, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of our  "Horus1.0" testnet. This initiative was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and support from our community, culminating in exceptional achievements.

During the "Horus1.0" testnet, we witnessed the establishment of over 3,500 nodes, nearly 50,000 users, 171,000+ file uploads and 587,000+ file shares. These outstanding results serve as a testament to the unwavering support and high expectations that our community holds for NuLink.

Building on this success, the NuLink team has been dedicated to continuous technological research and product development, and as a result of this we are excited to announce the launch of the next phase of our testnet: "NuLink Testnet Horus 2.0." This update marks a significant milestone, bringing us closer to the ultimate goal of launching our mainnet and entering the market.

I. 💡NuLink Testnet Horus 2.0 Highlights

Horus 2.0 offers rewards to participants from our community and provides them with an opportunity to preview our technological advancements and assist us in completing this new testing phase. We invite you all to join us in this exciting venture and follow in our footsteps.

II. 🏃Phases of the 'Horus 2.0' Testnet

1. Phase One: Starting December 31, 2023 at 18:00 (UTC+8)

This phase is dedicated to potential NuLink stakers testing their engagement with the NuLink network. We will be launching the following two products:

- Worker node installation package

- Staking Dashboard 

2. Phase Two: To be announced in subsequent updates.

3. Phase Three: To be announced in subsequent updates.

III. 🤔Why Participate in the Testnet?

Earn $NLK Testing Rewards:

  • Engage in comprehensive testing of product functionalities and provide valuable data for us to earn $NLK rewards. Successful completion of product testing enhances your chances of receiving rewards.

More Airdrop Opportunities:

  • Didn't win in our testnet activities? You still have a chance! NuLink is adding your address to an airdrop pool if you actively engage with the testnet. We'll select some winners to share this pool when mainnet launches. Keep an eye out, you could be one of them!

Additional Incentive Programs for Outstanding Contributors:

  • With the Horus 2.0 testnet launch, NuLink introduces extra rewards through the Outstanding Contributors Incentive Program. This covers various market directions such as:
  • Best Community Invitation Incentive
  • Best Social Media Promotion Incentive
  • Best Localization Community Management Incentive
  • Best Tutorial Sharing Incentive

Opportunity to Become an Integral Part of the NuLink Team:

  • In the course of the testnet activity, NuLink seeks to strengthen connections with the community. Exceptional performance may lead to an invitation to join the early-stage development of the project. Opportunities extend beyond developers, encompassing community ambassadors and localization ecosystem partners.

More Valuable Community Activities:

During the testnet activities, we will launch a series of community incentive events to reward NuLink  communities with the greatest rewards. Please stay tuned for more information.

IV. 🧐How to Participate in Horus 2.0 Testnet?

  1. Horus 2.0 Phase One 
  • Horus 2.0 Phase One Testing Rules:
  • Horus 2.0 Phase One Outstanding Contributors Incentive Program Rules: TBA

  1. Horus 2.0 Phase Two
  • To be announced in subsequent updates.

  1. Horus 2.0 Phase Three
  • To be announced in subsequent updates.

V. 🔗 Useful links

Horus2.0 Testnet Documentation

Horus 2.0 Phase One Testing Rules

Horus 2.0 Outstanding Contributors Incentive Program

Telegram Discussion Channel
Discord Discussion Channel

Official Website

VI. ✍️Note

The NuLink team reserves the right to make final determinations in the event of disputes, concerns, or suspected irregularities during the contest, ensuring fairness and upholding the integrity of the competition.

Testnet Launch

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