‘Horus 2.0’ Phase One Testing Rules

NuLink Testnet ‘Horus 2.0’ Phase One Testing Rules


Welcome to the Horus 2.0 Phase One testing! In this phase, participants will have the opportunity to test the NuLink Dashboard, run a worker node, and engage in activities to earn rewards. Please carefully read and follow the rules outlined below to ensure eligibility for the prize pool.

🧑💻Testing Period:

The testing period for Phase One starts from December 31, 2023, and spans several epochs, with each epoch lasting 24 hours.

🏆Prize Pool:

The total prize pool for the initial NuLink Dashboard product testing is 30,000 NLK.

⛳Participant Requirements:

1. Claim Test Tokens:

  • Participants need to claim test tokens (tBNB and tNLK) from the faucet to proceed with testing.

2. Staking and Worker Node Setup:

  • Stake the claimed tokens in the dashboard.
  • Use the Worker Node Installer to set up and run a worker node.
  • Ensure that the worker node runs continuously for at least 7 epochs.

3. Bonding and Living Ratio:

  • Bond the worker address in the staking dashboard.
  • Maintain a living ratio above 80% for at least 7 epochs.
  • Living ratio is the proportion of time your worker node is actively participating.

4. Form Submission:

  • After completing the 7 epochs with a living ratio above 80%, participants must fill out the provided form.
  • Participants who do not fill out the form will not be eligible for the raffle draw.

5. Raffle Draw and Rewards:

  • At the end of Phase One, a raffle draw will be conducted for all eligible participants.
  • Winners will be selected then.

 🚀🚀🚀 The link to Hours 2.0 Phase 1: 


🏆Reward Categories:

  • First Prize: 5 winners, each receiving 1000 NLK.
  • Second Prize: 10 winners, each receiving 500 NLK.
  • Third Prize: 50 winners, each receiving 200 NLK.
  • Fourth Prize: 100 winners, each receiving 100 NLK.

✍️Important Notes:

  • Participants are encouraged to thoroughly test the NuLink Dashboard and worker node setup.
  • Only participants who meet the eligibility criteria and fill out the form will be considered for the raffle draw.
  • The results of the raffle draw will be announced promptly after the completion of Phase One.

🏆 ABOUT Horus 2.0 Outstanding Contributors Incentive Program

  • Reward Pool: 50,000 $NLK
  • How to participant: https://www.nulink.org/blog-posts/horus-2-0-outstanding-contributors-incentive-program

🔗Useful Links: 

Horus2.0 Testnet Documentation

Telegram Discussion Channel
Discord Discussion Channel

Announcement for NuLink Testnet Horus 2.0

Form - https://forms.gle/9ZZgECdJFJFQHGuz8

Official Website

Testnet Launch

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