Horus File Sharing Dapp Update Release Notes

NuLink official release notes for File Sharing Dapp after 1 month's community testing

Dear NuStar Members,

Since 20/10/2022 we have launched our phase 2 of Horus incentivized testnet. Tens of thousands of community members joined us to test the File Sharing Dapp. Their feedback helped our team to improve the functionalities and usabilities. We thank everyone who has joined this contest and helped us. 

Today we are collecting all the updates we have done and announcing them here for the platform. Here are the NuLink File Sharing Dapp release notes for the 11/25/2022 update:

- You can now find a direct download link for the NuLink Agent extension on the homepage.

- Our faucet now has a captcha solution to protect against malicious actors.

- In the "Sent requests" list, we added the "View Details" option to review specific requests.

- Any user can now share his page via the "Share Page" option in his account. This way other people can easily find his content e.g. via social networks.

- All winners of our contests can now see a badge next to their username in their account.

- Notice List now offers the option to"Set the current page as read", which marks all actions on that page as read.

- Notice List now provides more information about a specific action when you click "View Details".

- When you click on a person's avatar, you are now redirected to their homepage.

- When sending a request, you can now select the time period from a dropdown menu.

- Various bug fixes and backend improvements.

Our team will continue to listen to our community and try to develop and improve our platform until we reach the best possible version. Thank you all!

David Jiao
Release Note

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