NuLink Monthly Report 2022.9

NuLink monthly report. You can check our progress in September in this article.

Technological progress

In September NuLink released the Horus test network, which by now has close to 1000 test nodes. Our development team mainly tested, launched and maintained Horus this month. The main work has been conducted in the following parts:

1. NuLink staking code testing and modification.

2. NuLink-agent, web, new requirements code testing and debugging.

3. NuLink Horus test network release:

 a. Contract update preparation.

 b. Docker image release.

 c. NuLink local installation package release.

 d. User documentation and technical documentation preparation.

 e. Technical ambassador training and community Q&A.

 f. Record and solve the existing technical problems (will solve the known problems in the next online version).

 g.The next stage is to release the nulink privacy sharing file dapp.

Market Operation Ecosystem

1. Finally Nulink testnet Horus has been launched. In just 2 weeks, we have almost reached 1000 worker nodes up and running as our milestone in Phase1. 

2. Community testing program has been launched for our community members to have a touch of privacy preserving technology. The NuLink team intends to use this program to educate community members to be the early adopters and test various dimensions of the network. The early adopters can also get exciting rewards such as $NLK tokens and community reputations. 

3. NuLink CEO David Jiao has attended a few offline activities such as Gothenburg TECHWEEK and Copenhagen TECHBBQ in Nordic areas. He has been pitching privacy preserving technologies to different industries and it gots a lot of interest. A few meaningful collaborations will be conducted soon.


1.     Media (until 2022.9.30)

Twitter Followers 4604

Discord Subscribers 10282

Telegram English 9930

Telegram Chinese 1894

Telegram Vietnamese 1878

NuLink Chinese Twitter followers 977

Team NuLink
Monthly Report

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